At Energy Logix, we have unique experience and expertise that cannot be matched when it comes to healthcare facilities. We work on both sides of the red line providing the expertise and services you require, so you can provide the necessary support and services our community needs.


    Compliance and Surveys. If your facility has or is working towards achieving specific accreditation, we are here to help you. From CMS and State Inspections and Surveys to JCAHO, AAAHC, DNV, AAASF, ACHC, CARF, NDAC, etc. We can help you ensure you are fully prepared and able to shine with all your Life Safety and Environment of Care regulations. We have ASSE 6040 certified technicians on staff and are a member of the Health Care section of the NFPA.


    Services and Offerings


    Servicing All Makes and Models of Chillers, Air Handlers, Water Heaters, Variable Frequency Drives, Variable Air Boxes, Humidifiers, Vacuum Pump Systems, Air Compressors, Exhaust Fans, and Building Automation Systems.


    Monthly Generator Run and Annuals
    Generator Load Bank Testing:( NFPA 110 110(10), Section 8.1.1. NFPA 110(10) Section 8.4.1 NFPA 110(10) Section NFPA 110(10) Section 8.4.3 )

    Why it’s important: Load bank testing is the best method to confirm your generator is capable of operating successfully during a power outage • Identify mechanical issues in advance, before a critical outage • Ensure fuel quality and fuel delivery to the engine
    Your generator is an important investment and an essential asset for business continuance in the event of a power outage. As with any piece of mechanical equipment, proper maintenance is vital to its performance. Generators are typically out of sight and out of mind - often neglected until a critical power outage. When generators fail to perform, it’s usually the result of a minor issue that could have been prevented with proper maintenance and testing.
    During weekly exercising, the generator runs for a short period of time which doesn’t confirm that it is capable of performing during an extended power outage. Load bank testing your generator helps ensure proper performance, providing peace of mind that your system is prepared to keep your facility up and running during an outage.
     Beneficial for both diesel and gaseous generators
     Confirms the cooling system can sustain cooling under heavy loads  Confirms your generator is capable of running under load
     Exposes hidden performance issues  Exposes fuel delivery or fuel volume issues
     Exposes fuel quality issues such as contaminants  Prevents wet-stacking by cleaning engine of built-up carbon deposits.
    Load Bank Testing Verifies 100% Performance of Your Generator

    Monthly/ Annual Battery Back-Up Emergency Lighting Test (NFPA 70 NFPA 101 NFPA 101


    Annual Line Isolation Monitoring (NFPA 99


    Annual Medical Gas Alarm Testing and Calibration including Waste Gas and Trace Gas Testing (NFPA 99 and NFPA 99(c) Section NFPA 99 Section Section parts 1 and 2)


    Annual Backflow Testing (NFPA 25)


    Annual Environmental Air Exchange Testing (ASHRAE 170 (specific code number and requirements vary by age of center)


    Annual Fire Door Testing (NFPA 80)


    Annual Baseline Infrared Testing on Transfer Switches, Main Distribution Panels and related switchgear (MSFC(15), Sec. 604.3.3; NFPA 110(10), Sec. 8.3.5)


    Four/Six-Year Fire/Smoke Damper Testing (NFPA 80 Section


    Five-Year Operational Exercise/Infrared Testing and Cleaning on High Voltage Switch Gear, Circuit Breaker Panels, and Transformers (MSFC(15), Sec. 604.3.3; NFPA 110(10), Sec. 8.3.5




    Our commitment to healthcare is unparalleled. Contact us now for a free no commitment on-site assessment of your Central Texas facility and let us show you the difference in service we can offer.





    Energy Logix of Texas, LLC

    7303 Burleson Rd. Bldg 3 Suite #306, Austin, TX 78744


    Austin 512.472.5042 / San Antonio 210.570.7976

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    Please feel free to email us regarding any service or project inquiries.

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    • Mission-Critical Commercial & Industrial HVAC/R Services.
    • Specialists on Generators, Boilers, Chillers, VRF Systems, and VFD's.
    • Commercial Building Retro-Commissioning.
    • Efficiency Upgrades.
    • Medical Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors.
    • Generator Load Bank Testing up to 500kW.
    • Ultraviolet Lighting and Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System Installations.
    • Indoor Air Quality Specialists.
    • Rental Equipment 24/7/356.
    • Innovative Solutions.



    Serving Central Texas Since 2014





    Service | Projects | Maintenance | Partnerships

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    • We are a leading HVAC service provider serving central Texas

    • Single stop maintenance solutions for all makes and models of HVAC equipment following the manufacturer's specifications

    • New construction and tenant finish out services

    • Building retro-commissioning

    • Efficiency upgrades and system replacements

    • Air side testing and balancing

    • JCAHO, AAAHC, CMS compliance experts

    • Life Safety compliance assistance

    • Ultraviolet Lighting and Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization system installations to improve indoor air quality

    • Building Automation Systems

    • Generators, Load Bank Testing, ATS service, and maintenance

    • Rental equipment 24/7/365

    • Innovative solutions no matter the size or scope